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We are Republicans.  We are public servants and those wishing to enter into public service.  We are citizens of New Hanover County.  We are North Carolinians.  And most of all – we are proud Americans

The government has lost the trust of the people it serves  In response, we offer an agenda and vision that seeks to bring a new way of thinking as to how we go about governing.  We do so with no posturing and no fine print.

We seek to restore trust – not in government – but in the ability of a free people to govern themselves.  We want to stop the endless tendency of government to insert itself into the lives of the people.  As the Contract With America stated, we want to see the “end of government that is too big, too intrusive, and too easy with the public’s money.”

A Republicans we dedicate ourselves to restoring this trust as follows:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility: Government must operate under the same financial constraints as families and businesses.  Knowing that every dollar we spend has been taken out of the hands of the citizens of New Hanover County, we will be responsible with the funds entrusted to us.  We will balance every budget.  We will do away with wasteful spending.  If we cannot justify or explain what government is spending, we will not spend it.  We will be transparent in every transaction.


  1. Parental Involvement in Education: Children are the future of this country and the pride and joy of their parents.  We will support the rights of parents to be the guiding voice in all aspects of their child’s education. We will focus on teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, science, and history.  We will support school choice, allowing parents to send their children to institutions that best respond to their child’s needs.  We will push for transparency in all aspects of our public school system.  We will hold accountable educators at all levels as they teach the next generation of Americans.


  1. Accountability During Emergencies: Republicans know during times of crisis government sometimes need to exercise emergency powers for limited time periods.  As the events of the pandemic have shown, government agencies are very reluctant to release these temporary powers.  We will make all government agencies – especially commissions and committees not directly elected by the people – accountable to elected representatives.  We will put in place reasonable policies that will enable government to properly react to emergencies while at the same time limit those same agencies from violating basic civil liberties.


  1. Dedication to Public Safety: We will support our law enforcement through funding for training, personnel, and equipment.  We will draft and put forth initiatives that will promote communities and law enforcement to better work together to keep all citizens safe in their neighborhoods and schools.  We will promote individual safety by protecting our Second Amendment rights.


  1. Restoration of the American Dream: The rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not given to us by any act of government.  Yet government often stands in the way of these rights through burdensome taxes and regulations.  These taxes, regulations and other laws stop businesses from hiring, new businesses from starting, and existing business from growing and creating more economic wealth for the entire community.  We will push for the reduction of taxes so families and businesses can better spend their hard-earned money.  We will repeal out-of-date and overly-burdensome regulations that get in the way of small business expansion.  We will push for tort reform laws that force doctors and other health workers to charge higher prices in order to pay for legal protection.  We will work toward energy independence to bring down the cost of gasoline and other fossil fuels that impact all Americans.