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Would you invest 6 minutes of your time to help save America? If so, you will want to watch this short video.

What sounds like a wild conspiracy theory is actually backed by facts, and provides names of the communist infiltrators/spies who have one mission – to turn red states blue, and to ensure the Democratic Party is forever in power. The Communist Chinese Party (CCP) knows the Democratic Party is more aligned with their objectives and will do anything to avoid a Republican barricade. While this sounds like a Tom Clancy Novel, the video will walk you through how this CCP process was successfully used to turn Virginia from red to blue.  And now their sights are set on North Carolina.

Why has the CCP targeted North Carolina as the state they want to flip from Red to Blue? As this video points out, there are several reasons. A few examples include the following:

  1. North Carolina is a swing state, but usually votes Republican in Presidential election years.
  2. Much like Virginia, the demographic is rapidly changing as residents of predominantly Blue states are relocating to North Carolina.
  3. The CCP’s objective is to flip 4 deep-south Red states to ensure that the Democrats hold majorities in both Houses of Congress, as well as the White House. With New York, Illinois and California being predominantly Blue, the margin is very thin.  It will then only require flipping North Carolina, Georgia and/or Florida to ensure their objective.
  4. The North Carolina triangle area is a very soft target. With thousands of very impressionable college students, coupled with the ability to “plant” spies or influencers, will generate guaranteed Blue votes.
  5. Numerous communist organizations such as “Liberation Road” and “Durham Peoples’ Alliance” have already been identified.

The above are but a few of the empirical facts presented in the video. After taking the time to view the entire video, you will realize that as conservatives we will need to do whatever we can to preserve the freedoms envisioned by the Founding Fathers. This is a significant challenge to overcome. And while this appears to be a daunting task, together we will win. We need the voice and the assistance of every concerned citizen. The time is NOW.

Here is how you can join the fight in New Hanover County:

  1. Visit our webpage at and see what your GOP is doing.
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter and arm yourself with knowledge.
  3. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay connected with fellow patriots.
  4. Sign up to join our team. We need all kinds of volunteers!
  5. Consider making a $10 contribution. For the price of a few cups of coffee, you can help us support conservative causes in our backyard.
  6. We have acquired a home for the NHC GOP Headquarters Office. We need your support. The first 100 Patriots to contribute $50 or more monthly will have their names engraved on a plaque to be proudly and permanently displayed in our New Headquarters. Or you can contribute any amount to help us build our war room; no matter how small.
  7. We have also purchased a large database and analytical tool that will allow us to more easily communicate with our conservative friends, and complete numerous types of demographic data analysis to assist with our messaging. We also need fiscal support to maintain the use of this system. Like the building fund plaque, the first 100 to contribute $25 or more per month will also have names engraved and placed on a plaque for all to see in our new home.
  8. Consider serving on a local Board, Commission, or running for public office. Contact Melissa with our Leadership Development Team for more information about how you can serve.

You are invited to attend the next GOP County Meeting which will be held September 23rd, starting at 6:30, at the Spring Hill Baptist Church located at 801 N. College Road.

It is requested that you bring non-perishable food items to the meeting.  If we all pitch in, we can feed many hungry children. Our Thanks.

We want to thank you all and welcome you to join us in this extremely important fight. Thousands of voices are much louder than a few.