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On Tuesday, August 17, 2021, The New Hanover County Health and Human Services Board voted unanimously to move forward with a proposed health rule to mandate face coverings in all indoor public places within New Hanover County, regardless of vaccination status. The mandate includes offices and workplaces, business establishments, public transportation facilities and vehicles, and any place the public is invited or allowed to assemble. The county-wide mandate would also apply to anyone 2 years and older.

This mandate will be implemented through a health rule which requires 10 days’ public notice and an opportunity for public comment before the rule goes into effect. Please feel free to comment on this survey, and to contact directly the New Hanover County Commissioners listed below.

Here is a quote from the County Board of Commissioners: “I appreciate the leadership of the HHS Board in taking this action, and as a Health and Human Services Board Member and County Commissioner, I fully support a county-wide mask mandate,” said Board of Commissioners Chair, Julia Olsen-Boseman.

You can read the Public notice here.

Action Steps You Can Take

  • Share this email with family, friends and parents.
  • Contact the Board of Commissioners and respectfully voice your opinion.

Here is the contact information for the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners:

Julia Olsen-Boseman, Chair
Phone: (910) 798-7148

Deb Hayes, Vice-Chair
Phone: (910) 798-7259

Jonathan Barfield, Jr., Commissioner
Phone: (910) 233-8780

Rob Zapple, Commissioner
Phone: (910) 798-7306

Bill Rivenbark, Commissioner
Phone: (910) 798-7260

Here is how you can join the fight in New Hanover County:

  • Attend the next Board of Commissioners meeting to express your opinions. Here is a link to their meeting schedule.
  • If you decide that you do not want to speak at the meeting, please remember that simply being in attendance sends a loud and clear message. Your presence would be extremely helpful. The voice of hundreds is greater than one.

Please continue to visit the recently revised website to learn more about this issue and many others that will impact you, your families, and all concerned NHC citizens.