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Neil Anderson has work to do.  Send him back to Wilmington City Council.

Neil’s unwavering commitment to our city has been evident throughout his tenure. He has consistently advocated for policies that promote fiscal responsibility, limited government intervention, public safety and a thriving local economy. His dedication to these principles has not only helped us maintain a balanced budget but has also led to increased job opportunities and a business-friendly environment.  In a time when effective and common sense leadership is crucial, re-electing proven leaders like Neil Anderson is essential for maintaining the progress we’ve achieved. His conservative voice on the City Council has been a driving force behind many successful initiatives that have positively impacted our community.

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Neil has worked tirelessly for the City of Wilmington.  His top priorities for the next four years include:


Our most common complaint is traffic and the condition of our roads. The state has finally discovered Wilmington and will build seven new overpasses in the next decade creating continuous flow intersections in many of our major traffic hot spots. I have advocated aggressively for these much need projects in our county and will continue to do so if reelected – notably replacing the Memorial Bride and pushing for rail realignment.

A Cleaner, Safer City

Serious (part one) crime is at its lowest level in fourteen years, still there is work to do to make Wilmington a cleaner and safer city. Despite these welcome results, the drug problem and associated gang violence persists, and it mutates all the time, so our police department must be fully staffed and empowered to do whatever it takes to address this scourge.

Protecting Established Neighborhoods

Wilmington has always been a wonderful place to live, but we have truly been discovered the last twenty years. The city can no longer annex, so the city must find a way to manage growth without unduly increasing your tax burden.

Financial Conservatism

Our city government must maintain a balanced budget annually, which is how it should be.

Business Friendly City

Government does not create private sector jobs, but it can build/maintain infrastructure and create an atmosphere that is conducive to expanding our economic base, such that Wilmington retains/attracts successful companies that will employ current citizens and future generations.

Keep Wilmington a safe and vibrant community.   We need every Republican and every conservative-minded independent vote to send our candidates to city council.  Here is what you can do.

  1. Be sure to REGISTER.
  2. Early Voting begins October 19, 2023 and Election Day is November 7, 2023.  Bring your voter id and get out early to make sure your vote counts.
  3. If you can spare one or two hours, we are always in need of volunteers to help out.
  4. If you do not have a few hours to volunteer, and most people do not, please consider taking just a few seconds to visit our website,, and donate.  It takes funding to run quality candidates, and we cannot do it without you.