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Send John Lennon to the city council – a dedicated professional who cares about public safety and developing Wilmington properly.

As an entrepreneur, a father dedicated to building a better Wilmington, a current member of the City of Wilmington Planning Commission and an advocate for stronger infrastructure, better jobs, and public safety, John Lennon is the kind of leader our city needs.

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John is dedicated to the future of Wilmington, NC.  His top priorities for the next four years include:

A Dedication to Public Safety

Bolster training and support for our Fire and Police departments.  We need these dedicated public servants to keep our city safe and respond quickly when disasters happen.  John supports zero tolerance for crime while finding ways to developing viable programs that will be an alternative to crime.

Proper Development

Wilmington is growing, but many housing contractors of all sizes will no longer develop here because of the regulations and bureaucratic hoops.  He wants to put reasonable processes in place to build homes of all different sizes for our increasing population.

Fiscal Responsibility

John has the experience to help make our city government more efficient, more proactive and more focused on customer service.

Transparency in Government

How do politicians arrive at the decisions they make?  John wants to make sure you know what is going on here in the city of Wilmington so you can keep your elected officials accountable.

Podcast With John

Find out more about John through the latest podcast:  Development and Public Safety: Podcast with John Lennon

Keep Wilmington a safe and vibrant community.   We need every Republican and every conservative-minded independent vote to send our candidates to city council.  Here is what you can do.

  1. Be sure to REGISTER.
  2. Early Voting begins October 19, 2023 and Election Day is November 7, 2023.  Bring your voter id and get out early to make sure your vote counts.
  3. If you can spare one or two hours, we are always in need of volunteers to help out.
  4. If you do not have a few hours to volunteer, and most people do not, please consider taking just a few seconds to visit our website,, and donate.  It takes funding to run quality candidates, and we cannot do it without you.