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Calling all conservative business owners to join our alliance

The purpose of this email is to share some exciting news about another conservative group being formed in New Hanover County (NHC), the “Conservative Small Business Owners/Self Employed Alliance (The SBSE Alliance). This group was formed to discuss shared problems, post-COVID recovery, the potential for tax increases, State and Federal legislation, and small labor pools impacting the inability to hire.

We are sharing this information with all of you since we don’t have a list of every small business owner in NHC. If you are a small business owner, or self-employed, we invite you to join the SBSE Alliance members at their next meeting. If you are not a small business owner, we also want you to know that your NHC Republican Party leadership is tirelessly working for you to address all those liberal agenda items that are in direct opposition to our America First values.

During the first SBSE Alliance meeting, we discussed the impacts of Stimulus money and other unemployment benefits being handed out by the current Administration and how it has severely restricted the ability to hire workers. Several restaurant owners expressed concern about not being able to open due to lack of staff, and even expressed the potential for permanent closure. You may have noticed the “Help Wanted” signs in the windows of almost every NHC small business.

Working with the SBSE Alliance, dozens of emails were sent to Governor Cooper’s office expressing dissatisfaction with unemployment benefits being extended to the end of September 2021. A Bill was recently introduced that would pay an unemployed worker a $1,500 bonus to accept an offered position. This would be funded from the monies currently allocated for unemployment benefits.

Just like you, all these business owners ar average concerned citizens of NHC, most with families, most with children in our schools, and most with concerns about the direction our Country is headed. As concerned NHC citizens, discussed topics are not always related to running a business; however, they do impact all other aspects of the future landscape of America. A sample of other concerns include, but are not limited to, voter fraud and voter integrity, Critical Race Theory being taught in our public schools, cancel culture, open borders and illegal immigration, public debt, inflation and devaluation of the U.S. dollar, freedom of speech, States Rights, and our Second Amendment Rights.

If you are interested in attending the next SBSE Alliance meeting please contact me directly at If you are concerned about the left leaning direction our country is currently moving, please visit our website ( for updated news and upcoming events. Also, during your visit to our website, please consider becoming a part of our TEAM. Thanks in advance.