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One of the topics monopolizing the daily reporting of major news centers around several states passing or considering voting election laws, along with the Democrats’ verbal responses to the efforts of states to exercise their rights.  We have witnessed Texas Democrats loading their private jet with cheap beer and flying off to Washington, D.C. to garner support for their paid vacations in the Nation’s Capital.  We have seen Vice-President Harris explain what a perilous, courageous, and sacrificing act these Texas House Democrats endured.  Our attention was focused on Joe Biden as he addressed his concerns about the laws being passed in Georgia and considered by Texas.  Joe Biden wasted little time in describing these states’ proposed legislative actions as “Jim Crow on steroids.”  This is probably a good place to remind our readers that the Washington Post (a notoriously known liberal rag) awarded Joe Biden four Pinocchio’s for the facts presented in his speech.  It should be noted that four Pinocchio’s are the highest level an individual can be awarded for any given statement.  This is like winning the Oscar for communicating the most outrageously false statements. This is not a prize most politicians want to add to their resumes.

Who is Jim Crow you ask?  Not to diminish the significance of the historical evolution of individuals’ rights, Jim Crow was a black fictional character in an 1828 minstrel routine.  The segregation laws passed by individual states from approximately 1877 to the early 1950’s became known as “Jim Crow Laws”.   The following are but a few from a long list of laws that were passed during this period.  Keep in mind, Biden was able to say with a straight face when comparing the Republicans’ efforts to ensure everyone that has the right to vote can vote, but also ensuring that people who do vote actually have that right.  The following are examples of individual state laws (“Jim Crow”) that severely impacted people of color freedoms, and civil rights:

  • All passenger stations in this state operated by any motor transportation company shall have separate waiting rooms or space and separate ticket windows for the white and colored races.
  • Every employer of white or negro males shall provide for such white or negro males reasonably accessible and separate toilet facilities.
  • The schools for white children and the schools for negro children shall be conducted separately.
  • The officer in charge shall not bury, or allow to be buried, any colored persons upon ground set apart or used for the burial of white persons.
  • All persons licensed to conduct a restaurant, shall serve either white people exclusively or colored people exclusively.
  • All railroad companies and corporations operating cars or coaches by steam on any railroad line or track, are hereby required to provide separate cars or coaches for white and colored passengers.
  • Textbooks shall not be interchangeable between the white and colored schools but shall continue to be used by the race first using them.
  • And the final example, the memorable case where people of color were required to sit in the back seats on public transportation.

All can agree that this period was an extremely tragic state of affairs in America’s History.  To ensure we are comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges, the following is a more specific examination of how these “Jim Crow laws” impacted the voting rights for people of color:

  • Many people, black and white, were illiterate.  Most illiterate people were not allowed to vote. A few were allowed if they could understand what was read to them.  White officials usually claimed that whites could understand what was read. They said blacks could not understand it, even when they clearly could.
  • Many states allowed only property owners to vote.  Many blacks and whites had no property and could not vote.
  • Some states allowed people who could not read and owned no property to vote if their fathers or grandfathers had voted before 1867.  Of course, practically no blacks could vote before 1867.
  • African Americans were not allowed to vote in the Democratic primary elections.  White Democrats said the Democratic Party was a “club” and did not allow black members.  So, blacks could not vote in primaries.  During this period, the Democrat primary winner almost always won the general election.
  • From time to time, white officials purged the voting rolls. Purges more often affected blacks than whites.

It is clearly obvious that during this historical period, (“Jim Crow Laws”) created insurmountable roadblocks preventing most people of color, and in some situations whites, from exercising their right to vote.  If Joe Biden honestly thinks that requiring a voter I.D., providing identification with absentee ballots, and not being allowed to accept a bottle of water from a campaign worker is much worse than that endured by the black community prior to the 1950’s, every black voter should be outraged.

Going back to Biden’s statement comparing Georgia’s recently enacted voting laws, we have factually demonstrated what occurred during the “Jim Crow ” period.  Hopefully, you realize Biden’s comments are just another attempt by the progressive left to strip all states of their rights to develop and enact their own federalized voting laws.  There can’t be any other logical reason why such an easily disproved statement would be made by the President of the United States.  This is a part of their overall strategy to continue the divisiveness of our citizens and to move America towards a socialist society and ensure like minded democrats remain in power for the foreseeable future.

Using the same example Biden did in his obviously false statements when comparing Georgia’s voting laws to “Jim Crow” on steroids, we will share with you a summary of what is actually contained in Georgia’s law, with a focus on those portions that Biden and his fellow Democrats are most often attacking.  We also think it becomes even more insightful if we share with you what is contained in the voting laws of Biden’s home state of Delaware.  Remember, the Democrats’ primary complaint is that Georgia and other states are purposely making it more difficult for people of color to vote. 

  • Georgia has expanded the early voting period to 17 days, which must include a minimum of two Saturdays and an option to include Sunday.  Delaware does not have an early voting period.  All in person voting must occur on the day of the election. 
  • Georgia does allow “no-excuse” absentee ballot voting. “No-Excuse” absentee voting means what it implies.  An individual does not need a reason to vote via absentee.  However, Georgia does require proof of identification when submitting an absentee ballot.  Delaware does not allow “no excuse” absentee voting.  You must have an acceptable reason for not being able to vote in person on election day. 
  • Georgia requires an identification to vote.  Delaware also requires identification to vote. 
  • Due to the COVID pandemic, ballot drop boxes were permitted during the 2020 election cycle.  Georgia has eliminated the widespread use of ballot drop boxes but has allowed one drop box be permitted in each of the voting precincts. All ballots must be received by the closing of the polls on election day.  An identification must be provided for drop box votes to count. Delaware “temporarily” installed 32 drop boxes throughout the state.  All absentee ballots must be requested by the voter.  Identification must be provided for all drop box ballots. Third party individuals are not permitted to submit drop box votes. All ballots must be received no later than 8PM on election day. 
  • The argument that is most often voiced by Democrats in their opposition to the Georgia law is the prohibition of providing food or drink to individuals standing in line to voteThe Georgia law does include a drinking station being placed in a location for easy access by all standing in lines to vote.  It is reasonable to assume that states that have early voting periods will have much shorter lines on election day than those states who do not have early voting periods.  Delaware does not specifically address the words “food and drink”.  However, Delaware law does prohibit the giving of anything of any value to potential voters within a defined area of a polling station.  It should be noted that the state of New York uses remarkably similar language as that contained in the Georgia law. 

We used the state of Delaware in our voting rights comparative discussion, but there are several other states that Biden could have identified as being much more restrictive than Georgia.  One can only assume that the reason for his omission would be that these are predominantly “blue” states.  His home state being the example used here.

We all need to be concerned about the misinformation coming from the current “White House”.  In previous communications, we have shared what the federalized election laws would do to our America. You can locate these articles archived under voting integrity, HR1 and SR1 on our web page.

In closing, the only reason Biden received four Pinocchio’s when comparing Georgia’s voting laws to “Jim Crow” on steroids is because four Pinocchio’s is the maximum that can be awarded.  From Wilmington to Washington.

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