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We have communicated with you recently expressing our concerns about the chaos occurring at the southern border and Biden’s immigration policy (or lack thereof). We thought we could give this topic a rest until the situation became even more catastrophic than it actually is.

However, just recently Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, while in a media briefing, responded to a reporter’s question about illegal immigrants entering the country untested for COVID. She replied (we paraphrase) that the situation at the border is getting much better and everyone must remember that our Administration inherited the border problems from the previous Administration. It is very difficult to understand how this could be said with a straight face.

Let’s examine the facts:

Trump Policy

  • The previous Administration had amazing progress in building miles of a wall along the Mexican border, one that had proven to be extremely successful in significantly reducing the number of illegal crossings.
  • The previous Administration reached an agreement with the Mexican Government for migrants attempting to enter the U.S. be held on the Mexican side of the border until an Immigration Judge could render a status decision.
  • During the entire year of 2020, 400,651 migrants were apprehended while attempting to cross the border. The key word in the preceding sentence is “apprehended”. To do a comparison, we are assuming approximately half of these migrants (about 200,000) were apprehended during the second half of 2020.
  • The previous Administration ended the “catch and release policy” that had previously been enacted by the Obama Administration.

Biden Policy

  • On his first day as President, Biden rescinded Trump’s policy of building a wall and ended the agreement with Mexico.
  • The Biden Administration made statements that indicated migrants would be eligible for stimulus checks, health care for all would be enacted and migrants would not be turned away. This explains why many migrants crossing the border were seen wearing “Biden for President” T-shirts.
  • Vice-President Harris was appointed as lead to address the “crisis” at the border. She did not visit the border for over 50 days after being assigned by Biden. In an interview with Lester Holt, Harris was asked if she had been to the border? She replied, “we have been to the border”. Holt followed with yes, but have you been to the border? She replied, “and I have not been to Europe, I’m not sure I understand your question”. We are sure, we don’t understand your answer.
  • During the first six months of the Biden Administration (January through June 2020), over one million migrants have illegally crossed the border, approximately 5 times as many as the last six months of the previous Administration. The vast majority have not been tested for COVID and most are rapidly relocated. Remember, 200,000 plus were apprehended in 2020 vs. one million crossed and relocated.
  • Included in the Biden-proposed $3.2 Trillion Bill is language that provides for amnesty for most illegal migrants and includes language that will provide an accelerated path to citizenship.

We think you will agree that the situation at the southern border is far worse now than it was 8 months ago. The economy remains the top concern of those surveyed in a recent Gallup Poll, and national security and immigration impacted by the open border with Mexico is a close second. Unfortunately, these two areas of concern are linked.

The Biden administration is considering numerous policies in response to a reported surge in COVID cases.

  • There are discussions that schools may not open as scheduled in 2021.
  • Several Boards of Education have already passed mandates that children K-12 must wear masks if schools do reopen.
  • There are proposals that a vaccine passport be implemented.
  • Some areas are requiring proof of vaccination in order to eat in restaurants.
  • Mandatory vaccinations by private sector employees are being encouraged.
  • A potential “lockdown” has even been discussed.

For Psaki to say the immigration problem was inherited from the previous Administration is laughable and so easily disproved. The problem today, which is exponentially worse today than it was a few months ago, is that the Biden Administration’s support of illegal migration is very likely contributing to the spread of COVID across many parts of America. Yet, he can hold press conferences and condemn those American citizens who have opted not to be vaccinated, and even threaten some State Governors with draconian measures in the name of COVID prevention.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sees the irony of the two opposing political policies that the Biden Administration is trying to sell to Americans. Take just a couple of minutes to watch Governor DeSantis’ rebuttal to the COVID and immigration issues being discussed in Washington.

You must admit this is beyond ridiculous. Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, we discover that we were wrong.

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