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To help illustrate why you as parents, grandparents and concerned Americans are pushing back against what is being taught in today’s public schools, we are sharing a few extracts from Pete Svab’s recent article Parents organize to push back against Critical Race Theory.  These parents see the doctrine as creating a toxic environment and worsening the problems educators claim to be making better.

Critical Race Theory has been spreading throughout academia, entertainment, government, schools, and corporations.  It redefines America’s history as a struggle between “oppressors” (white people) and the “oppressed” (everybody else).  It labels institutions that emerged in majority-white societies as “systemically” or “structurally” racist.

“Culturally responsive framework,” is synonymous with Critical Race Theory.  It has roots in Marxism, inclusion, equality (as defined by the left), white privilege, etc.

Your New Hanover County Board of Education is currently considering a curriculum that will make your child’s or grandchild’s school more “woke” and has entered a contractual arrangement with Sophic Solutions LLC to begin the process of indoctrinating your children. To find more information about when the Board of Education will meet to discuss this topic, what is contained in the contract, questions that will be asked to parents,  and what you can do as concerned parents, continue visiting the New Hanover County GOP website,

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