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 “The National School Board Association (NSBA) doesn’t want parents showing up to hold them accountable anymore, and they want law enforcement and federal government to crack down on parents who are demanding their children be provided with an appropriate and worthwhile education.” America’s school boards are suggesting that parents who oppose their curriculum and Covid-safety mandates are like domestic terrorists.  As school boards across the country have faced increasing backlash from parents over the past year, they have asked President Joe Biden to step in, suggesting that those parents who oppose their curriculum and Covid-safety mandates are like domestic terrorists who are guilty of hate speech.  

Parents across the country have been horrified by the treatment of both students and school district constituents over these issues. Countless parents have tried to reason with school boards, tried to tell them that they don’t want biological boys competing in girls’ sports, that they don’t want divisive, racially-charged progressive educational theories implemented in classes, and many, such as Moms for Liberty, and other groups, have fought back against Covid-inspired restrictions that both don’t mitigate Covid spread and do psychological damage to students.

The letter from the NSBA fails to report that school boards across the country have been recalcitrant and dismissive of parents’ concerns, have intentionally gone against parents’ wishes as regards the teaching of gender theory, critical race theory, as well as Covid-restrictions and stringent guidelines. Get this, the ultra-liberal NBC News simply reported that protests by parents at school board meetings are just a function of “white supremacy”.   The statement by NBC probably does not surprise anyone.

All the above comments were taken from the article “National School Boards Association asks Biden administration to look into angry parents as possible ‘domestic terrorism and hate crime’ threats.” By Libby Emmons writer for The Post Millenial.  This article points out what is occurring on the National level.  The Boards of Education across America share one common viewpoint; they know what’s better for your children than you do and anything you say to push back is viewed as you being a white supremacist or a domestic terrorist.

This phenomenon is not isolated to one part of our Country.  Anyone who has attended a New Hanover County Board of Education meeting has witnessed the same behavior from our inept Board of Education Members.  Let’s look at the past seven or eight months of NHC Board meetings.  These meetings have painfully demonstrated just how entrenched the majority of the New Hanover County Board are in their own personal beliefs and agendas:

  1. During numerous Board meetings, parents and concerned NHC citizens have confronted Board Members about their intention to introduce Critical Race Theory (CRT) into the curriculum in NHC public schools.  Each time Chair Stephanie Adams emphasized that CRT is not being taught in our schools and there is no plan to do so.  After numerous denials, parents grew wiser and reworded their questions when inquiring about CRT-related topics.  Parents were now more specific and asked, are their plans to introduce selected emotional learning, equity, equality, CRT, white supremacy, 1619 project, or diversity in our schools.  Again, an emphatic “no” from Stephanie Adams.  Sometime in 2020, we heard the term CRT for the first time.  However, that was not true for Stephanie Adams, Nelson Beaulieu, and LaChawn Smith, Deputy Superintendent of Education, NHC.  A few days ago, we shared with you a video where these three were having a Zoom meeting with 2 or 3 proponents of Black Lives Matter discussing the importance and the way forward to introduce equity and equality into the curriculum of NHC.  Although we were a little late to the party, we now know this is a Board Member who speaks for CRT-type indoctrination.  In the interest of brevity, the Deputy Superintendent went on to explain the combined number of NHC students, teachers, principals, and other related staff only numbered about 30,000.  To indoctrinate this group would only be a small part of the objective. Success could only be gained when county and city law enforcement, banking, and healthcare workers, etc. could also see the value in what they are trying to do.  A quick reminder: for 8 months Stephanie Adams has denied that equity, equality, diversity, SEL etc. will be taught in our schools.  Go to the web page (click on Blog) to view the entire video.  
  2. A few months ago the issue of allowing a male who has self-identified as female would be allowed to participate in girls’ sports was voted on by the Board Members.   A couple of things came out of that meeting that should concern all conservatives.  First, one speaker was removed by police at the request of the Board.  The reason given was the speaker opted to face the audience to make his remarks.  The Board insisted that the speaker face them.  Did this restrict this individual’s right to free speech?  Perhaps.  Second, we learned that all our hard work to place one conservative on the Board during the 2020 election may not have been worth the effort.  There is a valuable lesson to be learned here. A candidate is supported both physically and monetarily with the trust that they will do what they say they would do, they become 100% familiar with constituents’ views on all policies and represent their base.  Pete Wildeboer is an excellent example of doing exactly what he said he would do and fully supporting those who elected him to the position.
  3. When the Board Members feel they are being challenged and the questions are getting closer to the truth, they have no problem canceling “in-person” meetings and rescheduling closed-door sessions.  To their credit, they do allow questions to be asked or statements to be made.  However, questions must be phoned in and recorded the day before the rescheduled meeting.  We are not sure if all questions are read to the “YouTube” viewing audience or if they merely select the ones they want to address.

If our Board Members share the same fears that were discussed in the referenced article, that fear is mistakenly misplaced.  The 2022 election should be the Board member’s primary concern.  Conservatives will win four seats, and in 2024 conservatives will win the remaining three.  While you might think this goal is not realistic, you are probably correct if we don’t learn to pull together and speak with one loud and unified voice.  The bullying must stop at the Washington DC level, the Raleigh level, and the New Hanover County level.  You can help and this is how:

  1. Perhaps most importantly continue to support parents and other concerned NHC citizens by attending Board of Education meetings to share your views and voice your objections.  These elected officials do not know more than you do and certainly should not be empowered to teach whatever they deem is appropriate.  
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