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The Biden Administration’s ending of the 20-year War in Afghanistan can only be categorized as one of America’s most catastrophic failures and greatest embarrassments. Veterans across America are saying we won the war, but Biden surrendered. Biden’s leadership decisions have led our allies to no longer trusting America, and our enemies no longer fearing us.

It appears that the Biden Administration’s strategy on implementing policies, addressing foreign relations issues, and providing basic leadership is to simply repeal anything President Trump had in place and do just the opposite. As a result, the Biden directed Afghanistan withdrawal process was one of the darkest moments in American history. We are sure that most Americans are aware of the decisions that led to the unnecessary death of 13 brave men and women of our military services. While Biden would like to blame this on Trump, there is no question he owns total responsibility for this massive failure in his tactics and judgement. Biden took a victory lap during his recent address to the nation, calling the withdrawal an “extraordinary success.” President Biden goes on to say, “this couldn’t have been done in a more orderly manner.” This is another classic example of the Democrats’ belief that if we say it; it is true. There is an old saying, “you can’t make chicken soup out of chicken poop.” The Biden Administration needs to become more aware of how true that old saying actually is.

Why is another article or reminder of the Afghanistan tragedy needed when everyone is already aware? The reason is simple. We challenge anyone to identify one successful policy, strategy, tactic or agenda the Biden Administration has pursued that will not have a negative impact on the values most Americans have come to know, love and embrace. The last eight months have been a pattern of undeniable failures. This trend must be reversed or we will find ourselves in a nonrecoverable situation.

Let’s look at a few of some devastating examples:

  • Afghanistan: Everyone on the planet could see that withdrawing troops before evacuating Americans and their Afghan allies would result in catastrophic failure. Although Biden would like to, he can’t blame Trump for providing the Taliban with the names and addresses of those Americans left behind. He can’t blame Trump for closing Bagram airfield and leaving behind thousands of American citizens and our allies. He can’t blame Trump for failing to notify our allies for his decision to evacuate all American troops, leaving several countries scrambling to safely extract their coalition forces. The people running the Biden Administration are perhaps the only people in the entire world that can label this operation a success. There is no doubt our allies and the rest of the world now consider America a weak nation with poor leadership. A rudderless ship.
  • Southern Border: Biden continues to allow thousands of illegal migrants to cross our southern border. As he takes every opportunity to condemn unvaccinated Americans and issue mask mandates, he allows untested migrants to spread across the American landscape, many with COVID. The number of fentanyl seizures at the border has increased 233% in the past week. With our Southern Border more open than I-95, it creates an invitation for the Afghan grown terrorists to easily enter our country.
  • Unchecked Inflation: Under the pretense of stimulating the economy, Biden continues dumping trillions of dollars into the economy. This practice has resulted in one of the highest inflationary rates in the past several decades. The dollar continues to be devalued on the world market, and with over eight million vacant jobs, businesses across America find it almost impossible to hire workers.
  • Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Socialism in our schools: We are seeing more and more evidence that CRT and socialist ideologies are indeed embedded in the curriculum of thousands of schools across America. While parents continue to fight back and voice their objections at Board of Education meetings across the country, the progressive liberals that comprise these Boards continue to plow ahead.

We could easily fill 5 or 6 more pages illuminating the destruction of America policy decisions that have already been made by the Biden Administration and those that are being planned for the future, but we will save these for another day. There is no doubt that America’s position on the “world stage” has been reduced from the starring role to that of concession stand vendor. Unless you are okay with living in a socialist, authoritarian, government-controlled country, it is absolutely time for every American to wake up, take an analytical look at what is happening to our Country and join the millions of others who are willing to push back and help restore America First Values, Ideology and Agendas.

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