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Most of you have probably heard the liberal left; Biden, Harris, Merrik Garland and Schumer recently state America is “systemically racist” and that America has a long way to go to achieve “equality”.  While “America First” values and agendas fully embrace equality, it vastly differs from what the liberals are attempting to achieve at every level of our society.

Six months ago, who would have ever imagined that your children’s’ schools here in New Hanover County would become a pawn in the game the liberals are playing with America?  We have information that the Board of Education will be considering agenda that you might find difficult to believe:

New Hanover County Board of Education has entered into a contractual agreement with a Sophic Solutions LLC, to start their indoctrination programs in your children’s schools.  Some parents have recently received a letter from Sophic Solutions.  The following questions will first be asked to parents:

Below are the kinds of questions you will be asked:

We all have different identities (racial, ethnic, ability, religious, social economic status, gender identity…etc.), we want to talk about how these differences are handled and therefore affect process and outcomes:

  1. In your opinion, how is NHCS dealing with matters related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging?
  2. Are there any situations that come to mind that were challenging or troubling? (No Names)
  3. What was needed?
  4. What do wish would have happened?
  5. How well-prepared are you to address some of the issues that have been raised?
  6. What did/do you need help with?
  7. What type of resources (training, programs, information, and policies) might be helpful?
  8. Do you believe improving how NHCS supports and engages different people is important? If so, why? How does this impact you?

On the surface, some of the questions might appear to be benign and helpful in a few areas.  A closer look at the actual contract which describes what Sophic Solutions will deliver, reveals the real intent of this smokescreen.  The following are excerpts from the Sophic contract: “we believe there has never been a more relevant time to help individuals and organizations strengthen their understanding around issues of diversity, education and inclusion” “Changing the Narrative”, “We must do our part to change what has been said about others in our society”, “Learn to accept information that is new and/or counter to what we have grown to believe.” “Things will change only if we commit to changing them.”

There have been numerous articles recently written to explain the goals and educational objectives of the liberal left.  A common theme in all the articles is a discussion of the liberal lefts objective to indoctrinate school children of all ages in areas of “white privilege”, “critical race theory”, their defined “equality”, change America’s history, and for your children to abandon the beliefs you have taught and desire for them to continue to receive.

The second agenda item the Board of Education is strongly considering is centered around the liberal lefts’ ideal of equality.  The Board appears to be very close to adopting a policy that will allow transgender middle school students to participate in any sports that align with their preferred gender.  Equality is basically defined as equal for all.  We all know that is not always achievable.  But when it can not be achieved the solution is not to satisfy the needs or in this case a sense of equality of a few at the obvious inequality of many.


Take Immediate Action

Send a quick email to Board of Education members.

The voice of each concerned parent or grandparent needs to be heard. Concerns include: Transgender sports participation, Socialism, Critical Race Theory, Inclusion equity, Sophic Solutions LLC questionnaire, and Sophic Solutions contractual agreement with the NHC School Board. Here are the BOE Members emails:



Attend the next Board of Education meeting

Express your opinions. The next Board of Education meeting is currently scheduled for May 4, 2021, 5:30 pm at the Education Center.

Attend the unannounced meeting of the Board of Education’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Date: May 3, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. in the BOE Center.


Join the Family Communications Committee


Post a Story about Leftist Agenda to Lt. Gov Mark Robinson’s FACTS Task Force


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Thank You. Wayne Gibson NHC GOP Executive Director