Political Myths Busted

And other uncommon knowledge on politics we all should know.

The Electorial College is Too Important to Give Up

Many Democratic presidential candidates have been in the news lately pushing for the elimination of the Electoral College. This part of our election system is too important to just throw away. This video presents all what these Democrats don’t what you to know.

The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

There seems to be many untruths told about the Republican Party. There are so many falsehoods batted around these days that most would be shocked to learn that in 1860, at the zenith of America’s institution of slavery, not a single Republican owned a slave. Not one.  Watch this video to find about other tidbits the Democratic Party doesn’t want you to know about.

The Myth of ‘The Southern Strategy’ is Merely Political Cover for the Democratic Party

As many have learned in recent years, the Democratic Party doesn’t have a stellar history. Jim Crow laws, the founding of the KKK, and the Civil War itself were initiated with the help of the Democratic Party apparatus. Now that these truths have been revealed and the Democrats are forced to acknowledge these truthful stains, there’s a false narrative pushed by the Democrats. It’s a myth that goes by the name of “The Southern Strategy”. Watch this video to learn more.

Why Don’t Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?

Hundreds of millions women around the globe don’t enjoy the same freedoms as women from Western European cultures. Currently, there are two globally dominant cultural views on how women should be treated. The Western European culture views both women and men as equals. While, many Islamic cultures continue to view woman as chattel. Unfortunately, liberal feminists from the West, so far, have avoided confrontation with Islam’s value system in regards to women’s rights.  Why is that?