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Freedom of Speech: Under Attack

Freedom of Speech is one of the most coveted freedoms afforded by our Constitution. It is one of the freedoms that Americans cherish, and one that is rapidly being taken away by the Democrats and their back-pocket Big Tech supporters. Conservatives have been sounding the alarm on what they see as a crackdown against them by Silicon Valley companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Twitter and Facebook. They point to the shut-down of former President Donald J. Trump by Facebook and Twitter and the blocking of the Hunter Biden laptop story by Twitter as two prominent examples.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook appear to be leading the charge to silence conservatives by either completely eliminating posts, writing false narratives, discrediting facts, and labeling conservatives as racist.  In a recent video, Conservative Candace Owens does a great job in succinctly illustrating how and why your FREEDOM of SPEECH is eroding.  As Candace points out in this very short video, with the help of a China-based company, the attack on your Freedom is underway and being fueled by one of the major players in the progressive liberal left – Facebook. The key points made in the video include:

  • Facebook has hired Lead Stories, a company headed by a 20-year former CNN employee.  Their job is “fact checking” all posts and then writing false narrative “hit pieces” to discredit conservative information.
  • Another company funded by Facebook is ByteDance which is a communist backed company based out of Beijing, China. This company is also contracted to “fact check” conservative posts and create false narratives, all in an effort to portray Conservatives as conspiracy theorists and instigators. ByteDance also owns Tiktok, a company that has been identified by the U.S. Department of Justice as also being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.
  • The final point Candace makes in her video is that the Communist Party of China has more say over conservative content than that afforded by our First Amendment.  Why this is being allowed to continue will be a topic saved for another day.

There is absolutely no question that our Country is rapidly headed for the socialist hell that many of our conservative leaders have been warning us about. One of the first steps in changing the political landscape of any country, be it a move toward authoritarianism, socialism, or communism, is to silence the opposition. The attack to silence conservatives is clearly underway, and it will only get worse unless we unify and fight back!

Here is how you can join the fight in New Hanover County

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You are invited to attend the next GOP County Meeting which will be held September 23, 2021, starting at 6:30PM at Spring View Baptist Church located at 801 N. College Road.

It is requested that you bring non-perishable food items to the meeting.  If we all pitch in, we can feed many hungry children. Our Thanks.

We want to thank you all and welcome you to join us in this extremely important fight. Thousands of voices are much louder than a few!